Full coverage dental plan | Dental insurance for seniors

  • and get them to the shape that you want to do now I like Full coverage dental plan  to use.
  • twice a year is the most I will bleach my teeth it’s probably got  to be something major coming up like my .
  • birthday is coming or I’m about to do some kind of shoot or something something big has to be going on for me  to .
full coverage dental plan
full coverage dental plan
  • go to this step and bleach mighty just because my teeth are already white I use other whitening products on a
  • regular basis so my teeth stay free white so I like to do this like I said  if I got a photo shoot coming up I recommend .

you guys doing it like maybe four photos senior portraits things.

  • like that you can go in and get the whitening trays made at your dental office they  also nowadays .
  • I have seen them have the ones that’s the trace that’s already made you don’t have to go in and have like.
  • models done to your teeth you can just go into your dental office and X them and these are called  opalescent.
  • and they look like this and I’ll make sure that I’ll leave my dental information down below so if you guys.

interested in coming in if you hear locally and having your teeth whitening you guys can probably invest.

  • in these  little whitening mechanisms here and then like I said they’re already some trays it.
  • already has the bleach in there you pop these in it comes with maybe about ten little trains top and bottom .
  • in here they are disposable so what you do is you just kind of like put a little  trays in and the little whitening.
  • bleach comes off on your teeth and you leave this in for maybe about a couple of hours and you do it .
  • A couple of hours a day for ten days until you get to the shade that you like if you want a wider you can go back.

and part another box but for me I won’t need that maybe about  one round me would get me to the extra .

  • brightness that I like and so for another whitening trick that I like to use on an everyday basis at home is.
  • peroxide yes you guys heard me I’d like to use peroxide on a everyday basis and what I do is I’ll take.
  • my mouthwash and I just use a little top because it does taste horrible without mouthwash so what I’ll  do .