major dental insurance

  particular subject I realized I don’t  have anything to do with this because it  is so difficult for me to wrap my head around as somebody who is on the outside major dental insurance  looking in and so today’s topic what we’re gonna be talking to our guests about is insurance and dental practices  in just the way that it works inside we all as practices one of the

major dental insurance

major dental insurance  biggest questions I get from new practice owners  is how’s all this insurance stuff work I’m afraid because I’m going into a practice and I’m gonna own it dental ins and ninety percent of my revenue #facebook comes from an  insurance company and I don’t have any clue what’s going on with it so I heard today’s speaker and I said she gets it she understands it I got

to get her on the podcast to talk to you  guys and so our guest today is Teresa Duncan with Odyssey management she is a fantastic speaker she has a lot of really cool information about this this topic in general she also has a podcast  of her own #twitter called the noble nobody told me that podcast which i think is a fantastic title for a dentistry

related podcast cuz that is you know everyone’s major dental insurance always afraid of the things that they don’t know and she also has a book out  called moving your patients – yes which is a #wikipedia easy insurance conversations which is a great great way something to have for your your  dental and vision insurance plans administrative people to be able to look through and be able to learn about and

actually also does public speaking she has an online course  #tumbler about all this insurance information which is just blows my mind that we’ve not been connected  affordable dental care before other than that conference so Theresa thank you so much for coming on today I’m really excited about the episode Wow thank you so much for this intro that was phenomenal Wow I

need to bring you on  I can I can be the height man I  major dental insurance can come in before and this is great I don’t want to learn any of this but that’s great well you know I I would not be mistaken for many wrestlers I mean I am definitely the persona of a CPA account so no I’d step out and everyone would just kind of laugh but yeah so you know  we met at Jamie’s

one of Jamie a misses courses and the the topic you bring to the table major dental insurance is again something that I’m just really surprised not more people talk about because it is a huge huge piece of the dental game if