Have you ever heard of a peculiar phenomenon where animals seem to fall from the sky during a rainstorm? One of the most unique instances of this is the “Raining Fish” phenomenon that occurred in Iran. Imagine going about your day when suddenly you witness small fish falling from the sky like raindrops. It sounds like something out of a fantastical story, but in the village of Gorgan, Iran, this actually happened in 2017.

The Mysterious Incident

In the city of Gorgan, which is located in the Golestan Province of northern Iran, residents were left baffled when they witnessed small fish inexplicably falling from the sky. This unusual event was captured on video by locals and shared widely on social media, sparking speculation and curiosity across the globe.

Scientific Explanations

While the idea of fish raining from the sky may sound like something mystical or even extraterrestrial, science does offer rational explanations for this phenomenon. One theory suggests that these creatures were actually “spangled perch,” which are small silver-colored fish native to the region. It is believed that strong winds or a water spout from a nearby body of water lifted the fish into the air and carried them over the city, where they fell with the rain.

The Role of Tornadoes and Waterspouts

Tornadoes and waterspouts can lift objects such as fish, frogs, or even small animals into the air and transport them over considerable distances before depositing them back to the ground. In the case of the Gorgan incident, it is possible that a tornado or a waterspout over the nearby Caspian Sea scooped up the fish and carried them to the city, where they were released during the rain shower.

Historical Accounts

Interestingly, accounts of animals falling from the sky have been documented throughout history. While some instances can be explained by natural meteorological phenomena like tornadoes and waterspouts, others remain mysterious and unexplained. Reports of raining frogs, fish, and even spiders have been recorded in various parts of the world, sparking both scientific intrigue and cultural folklore.

The Fish Rain Myth and Legend

In some cultures, the phenomenon of fish raining from the sky is surrounded by myth and legend. Stories of gods or supernatural beings causing such events as a sign or omen have been passed down through generations. While these tales may have a mythical element, the reality of animals falling from the sky is rooted in the realm of science and nature.


What is the scientific explanation for fish raining from the sky?

The scientific explanation for fish raining from the sky usually involves tornadoes or waterspouts that can lift small animals like fish from bodies of water and carry them over land before releasing them during a rainstorm.

Are there other instances of animals falling from the sky?

Yes, reports of animals falling from the sky, such as frogs, fish, and even spiders, have been documented in various parts of the world throughout history. While some cases can be explained by natural phenomena, others remain mysterious.

Can fish survive a fall from the sky?

In most cases, fish that fall from the sky during a rainstorm do not survive the impact with the ground. The trauma of being lifted into the air and then falling back down typically proves fatal for these creatures.

Why do tornadoes and waterspouts lift animals into the air?

Tornadoes and waterspouts have strong winds that can create suction and lift objects from the ground, including small animals like fish or frogs. These creatures are then carried along with the storm before being released as the winds dissipate.

What should you do if you witness fish falling from the sky?

If you witness fish falling from the sky, it is best to take shelter indoors to avoid any potential harm from the storm or the falling animals. You can document the event safely from a protected location and report it to local authorities or meteorological agencies for further investigation.

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